CIE Color Model: The CIE color model is a color space model created by the International Commission on Illumination known as the Commission Internationale de l’Elcairage (CIE). When the combination gauge is full, Demonio enters the Demon Form and obliterates his enemies with demonic power. Since she is also older than Ciel by a few years, she held feelings for him first as she was more mature. Background. Lu/Ciel's job path in Lore/Story would be the Innocent path. SQL CEIL() function: SQL CEIL() function is used to get the smallest integer which is greater than, or equal to, the specified numeric expression. Founded in 2000, the CIEL network includes a number of distinguished, progressive higher education institutions in the United States or Canada. He is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Brina Palencia in the English version of the anime. With her powers being revived, this also affected Ciel, still connected to Lu under their contract. Elizabeth, Ciel, and Angelina Dalles, otherwise known as Madam Red before her murder, used to play together. Find out more Finance. Lu and Ciel officially join the main cast after the Burnt Forest story quest Break Through the Burnt Forest!! It is also known as the CIE XYZ color space or the CIE 1931 XYZ color space. is one of the five heroines of Tsukihime. He is the owner of the Funtom Company, the son of Vincent Phantomhive and Rachel Dalles, and the head of the Phantomhive noble family and is known as the Queen's Watchdog. Earl Ciel Phantomhiveis the main protagonist of the Kuroshitsuji series. Since that day, Lu's power slowly became stronger. CIEL Textile’s vision is to be the Best Global Fashion Partner with the objective to deliver unbeatable value to medium and upmarket retailers. . Hampshire College is a founding member of the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning (CIEL). She described the Phantomhive household being a place full of laughter and smiles. Sebastian is a demon who has taken on the disguise of a butler, and in exchange for his services, he will be allowed to consume Ciel’s soul. Ciel(シエル, Shieru?) Yuno was born to Loyce and Ciel of House Grinberryall, the royal family of the Spade Kingdom.1 As an infant, Yuno is given a magic stone found in a Grand Magic Zone.2 Some time later, the Zogratis siblings attack the royal castle and kill many of the royals. Ciel has formed a contract with Sebastian Michaelis to seek revenge against those who tortured him and murdered his parents. She appears to be a senior attending the same school as the main protagonist Shiki Tohno. About CIEL. "Ciel Phantomhive" ("シエル・ファントムハイヴ", "Shieru Fantomuhaivu") is the true head of the Phantomhive house.8 He is also the identical twin brother of Ciel Phantomhive and Elizabeth Midford's original fiancé.