Audrey Bourgeois is Chloé's mother in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. See more ideas about villain, miraculous ladybug, ladybug. The akumatized villains are the various antagonists of the Miraculous Ladybug franchise. Add a photo to this gallery Heart Hunter is the akumatized villain from Miraculous Ladybug and the second akumatized forms of André and Audrey Bourgeois. During Season 1, Chloe gets akumatized into Antibug, a Ladybug doppelganger, after the embarrassment and shame Ladybughad caused her during the fight with Vanisher. Audrey Bourgeois is the famous director of the fashion magazine, Style Queen. Reformed herself back after being crushed to dust), Energy Manipulation, Glitter Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Able to convert others into golden statues and glitter dust as well as turn back to normal), Transmutation, Petrification, Deconstruction, Pseudo-Intangibility, Pseudo-Teleportation (Able to transport herself and others by turning into glitter to travel at faster speeds), Flight, Inorganic Physiology (Type 1), Forcefield Creation (Able to create energy forcefields), Can create glitter constructs; Duplication, Paralysis Inducement, Power Bestowal, Possession, Corruption and Mind Manipulation (If her Akuma isn’t purified after being defeated, it would start to multiply into many more Akumas and infect different persons, turning them into Style Queens that would remain immobile until Audrey gets Re-Akumatized), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 6), Large Size (Type 0), Flight, Can turn anyone who get hit by their magic beams into a floating heart, Can absorb their victims after they got hit by their magic beams, Extrasensory Perception (Can detect and sense love from their victims), Vacuum breath, Breath Attack, Multiple Personalities; Duplication, Paralysis Inducement, Power Bestowal, Possession, Corruption and Mind Manipulation (If their Akuma isn’t purified after being defeated, it would start to multiply into many more Akumas and infect different persons, turning them into Heart Hunters that would remain immobile until both André and Audrey get both Re-Akumatized), Attack Potency: Wall level (Shouldn't be significantly weaker than Adrien. Season 6/Akumatized villains < Season 6. Or - he hands over the ladybug miraculous - and be granted immortality; for both him, and his wife. Wed, Feb 6, 2019 30 mins. Assorted Parisian residents of Miraculous Ladybug, covering the main and supporting cast's families, other recurring characters, and One Shot Characters.For tropes pertaining to Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Adrien Agreste, Alya Césaire, Chloé Bourgeois, Nino Lahiffe, and Luka Couffaine, see here.For tropes pertaining to other characters from Marinette's school, see here. And also beautiful examples of improved promo art.Miraculous background characters concept art (Luka, Audrey Bourgeois, Ella and Etta Cesaire, Nora Cesaire, Anarka While Chloé is akumatized at the end of the episode, the last we see of her is getting her consumed by the purple-black haze that symbolizes the change. Chloé Bourgeois is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. "Miraculous's battle" is a 3-part special that appears Miraculous: Dark Shadows come. She made her appearance in Chloé's flashback when she left for New York in "Despair Bear". History Talk (0) Comments Share ... Audrey Bourgeois (a.k.a Beauty Macker) "Beauty Macker" She has the same powers as Style Queen, only now, ... Miraculous Ladybug Fanon Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. ; Aw, Look! These are the Akumatized villains. In "Heart Hunter", when Audrey and her husband argue each other during their 20th wedding anniversary, they are akumatized into Heart Hunter, a love-devouring supervillain. The romper is long in length and bares around the shoulder blades. He also has dark grey slacks and black shoes. Also, in “Stormy Weather 2”, when she insulted Aurore and it led her to be akumatized, Chloé waited for Ladybug to give her the Bee Miraculous, showing she wanted to fix her mistake. When Ladybug and Chat Noir defeated FEAST, Ladybugs’ Miraculous restored the Tibetan Temple and everything in it. The Bee Miraculous co… Also, since Heart Hunter is André and Audrey fused into one villain, they have no applicable gender in this form, Style Queen turns Adrien into a glitter statues, Style Queen overpowers Ladybug with an energy blast, Ladybug’s attack phases through Style Queen, MIRACULOUS STYLE QUEEN (Queen's battle part 1) - TRAILER Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, MIRACULOUS HEART HUNTER (The Battle of the Miraculous part 1) - OFFICIAL TRAILER . Their transformation was undone when Chloé took Hawk Moth's deal. Akumatized villains But when André Bourgeois gets akumatized and … Akumatized villains Heart Hunter is the akumatized villain from Miraculous Ladybug and the second akumatized forms of André and Audrey Bourgeois. Heart Hunter seeks for love and can fire magic beams who turns anyone hit by them into a heart that would get absorbed by the villain. Chloé Bourgeois is a student in Collège Françoise Dupont and serves as a bully to almost everyone in Miss Bustier's class, specifically Marinette Dupain-Cheng. In "Heart Hunter (The Battle of the Miraculous – Part 1)", he and Audrey were akumatized again into one as "Heart Hunter," a two-headed fusion of Malediktator and Style Queen who consumes love. Chloé has fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair with a ponytail at the back. Comparable to her husband, who could tear off a chunk of the roof) | Town level, likely higher (Defeated Ladybug over a year after she fought Stoneheart. Antagonists Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. OMG! When he is unable to comply, Chloé and Audrey threaten to move to New York. 1 Season 2 1.1 Despair Bear 1.2 Style Queen 1.3 Queen Wasp 1.4 Malediktator 1.5 Mayura 2 Season 3 2.1 Gamer 2.0 2.2 Feast 2.3 Heart Hunter 2.4 Miracle Queen 3 Concept artwork 4 Promotional artwork Oct 15, 2020 - With Cristina Valenzuela, Bryce Papenbrook, Keith Silverstein, Mela Lee. She holds an scepter that allows her to fire energy blasts with concussive force and can turn into glitter statues those who get hit by them. Antibug is an akumatized version of Chloé Bourgeois, the series' resident mean girl who also happens to be a massive Ladybug fangirl. Audrey Bourgeois is the famous director of the fashion magazine, Style Queen. A teddy bear piloted by a tiny man able to control those he grabs. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them. André In Se… In "Stormy Weather", she is one of the people that got frozen. Audrey Bourgeois - Akumatized into Scarlet Style Queen after being shot by Dark Cupid to create the negative emotion in her André Bourgeois - Akumatized into Scarler Malediktator after being shot by Dark Cupid to create the negative emotion in him She thinks highly of herself and lowly of others as she believes that she deserves everything and takes pride in her rich lifestyle. She shouted in disbelief before trailing off at how stupid she was making their cause sound. Token Good Teammate : Between himself, Gabriel, and Nathalie, he's the only one who's not actively crusading for Hawk Moth's goals (at least when not akumatized). At least in her late 30's (Has been married 20 years) Classification: Human, Fashion Critic, Akumatized Villain Powers and Abilities: It doesn't feature any akumatized victims or Hawk Moth. Andre and Audrey Bourgeois Hawk Moth akumatises André and Audrey Bourgeois ... Miraculous Ladybug S 03 E 25 Heart Hunter Battleofthe Miraculous Part 1. Audrey wears a white sleeveless jumpsuit with a thick black stripe down the right side. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fought Ladybug, Cat Noir and Ryuko about three years after the formers fought Stoneheart), their magic beams ignore durability, Speed: At least Peak Human (Comparable to Alya and Nino) | Supersonic+ with Massively Hypersonic+ Combat and reaction speed (Comparable to The Mime. New beautiful concept art with akumatized villains and some background characters. She wears a yellow jacket over a white shirt, light pink lipstick, brown-lensed sunglasses atop her head, a necklace and white capris and shoes. He usually wears a blue, white, and red striped sash over his right shoulder, an… Apperances. Look, what we found for all Miraculous Ladybug fans! Chloé's father, André Bourgeois, is the mayor of Paris and her mother Audrey Bourgeois the queen of fashion designs. He wears a dark gray dress jacket with three large black buttons over a white dress shirt. Miraculous Ladybug Comparable to Ladybug, who crushed a wall and was implied to have stopped a falling plane. She was living in New York, but she is now currently staying in Paris with her family. In "Style Queen," Audrey is akumatized into the glitter-themed supervillain Style Queen a chic drama queen armed with a scepter that transforms her victims into solid gold. Where Ladybug is akumatized by Hawk Moth and she fights Cat Noir!! She is mean and snobby to everyone but Adrien. As Queen Bee, she is proud of her abilities and wanted to prove herself to her mother by causing a subway train to go at dangerous speeds to save it so the civilians will be grateful towards her. Video of Miraculous | Troublemaker - Akumatized | Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir for Фаны of Miraculous Ladybug. 1 Recurring quotes 2 Season 2 2.1 Style Queen (Queen's Battle - Part 1) 2.2 Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2) 2.3 Malediktator 2.4 Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2) As Queen Bee, she wears a yellow and black striped costume and mask, and her ponytail has black streaks in it. Edit. She made her official appearance in "Style Queen", when she returned to Paris for the fashion show. Chloé Bourgeois' is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont, the rival of Marinette Dupain-Cheng and the enemy of Kagami Tsurugi.She is also the daughter of Andre and Audrey Bourgeois. It will premiere on May 22nd in the USA and March 6th in France. If their Akuma is purified after being defeated they won’t be able to duplicate. But everything is back on schedule again, after Ladybug (Ladybug is shown carrying Adrien) heroicly stepped in to save the day, as usual. Heart Hunter can also fly and use vacuum breath to suck their victim into their mouth and swallow it whole. Including a second, smaller Miraculous Chest. Check out this Season 2 Finale Sneak Peek of #MiraculousLadybug! Able to keep up with Season 2 Ladybug, who could previously react to lightning), Massively Hypersonic+ through pseudo-teleportation (Nearly blitzed Ladybug with her pseudo-teleportation) | Hypersonic with FTL combat and reaction speed (Capable of keeping up with Ladybug, Cat Noir and Ryuko), Lifting Strength: Average Human | Class G (Superior to the Mime, who held up the Eiffel Tower. Chloé Bourgeois is a character in Miraculous Ladybug, acting as Marinette’s classmate and rival in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. Head physiologyLevitationLove sensingHeart-transforming optical beams (Audrey)Vacuum breath (Andre) After being humiliated by Gabriel Agreste, Chloé's mother, Audrey Bourgeois, is akumatized into Style Queen. Akumatized victims Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - In modern-day Paris, there's a teen junior high school girl named Marinette Dupain-Cheng and her classmate, Adrien. How will Ladybug defeat Style Queen without Cat Noir to help her? Season 1: Lady Wifi (Cameo) The Bubbler Click here to see quotes from Audrey Bourgeois. In "Style Queen", after being humiliated by Gabriel Agreste, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Style Queen, a glitter-themed supervillain. Armed with a magic scepter and determined to get revenge, she attacks Adrien. Despondent at his inability to make Chloé happy, Mr. Bourgeois gets akumatized into "Malediktator", a dictator invested with absolute power to compel his victims to obey his every command. "The Shadow" is an upcoming episode in Season 1. 1 Episodes 2 Synopsis 3 Trivia 4 Errors "Tridon Battle (Miraculous's Battle)" "Nemesis (Miraculous's Battle - Part 2)" "Crystalluria (Miraculous's Battle - Part 3)" A new superhero or supervillain named Tridon freezes an akumatized villain in time but also attacks Ladybug. Tom gets akumatized into Weredad, a huge, monstrous guard dog-man who locks Marinette up in … [5] [3] She often bullies people, especially her classmates, primarily resulting in their sadness and despair becoming a target for Hawk Moth 's transforming them into akumatized villains. She believes that she is the most important person in the world and everyone adores her, but the real reason why she acts like this is because her father, the mayor of Paris, constantly spoils her by giving her everything she wants, while s… Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir has a great assortment of Akumatized Villains. Together, they fight to protect Paris against the mysterious villain Hawk Moth. Frozer We get the double emotional whammy of Chat Noir despairing that Ladybug will never love him back, and Marinette thinking that Adrien will never love her back . Heart Hunter is the akumatized villain from Miraculous Ladybug and the second akumatized forms of André and Audrey Bourgeois. Regarded as the most powerful Akumatized villain by the time of her Akumatization), can ignore durability through Transmutation | Large Town level (Claimed to be the most powerful Akumatized villain. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015– ) Episode List. As Antibug, Chloé's hair and eye color remain the same, but she wears a black bodysuit with red spots and has a replica of Ladybug's yo-yo with with an inverted color scheme. However, Ladybug from an alternate timeline is at least able to reverse it, because if the Gorilla had followed his orders instead, then Marinette would have been akumatized. Marinette Dupain-Cheng (voiced by Cristina Vee) is one of the main protagonists of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. "No no, Audrey. The students are in class, and Stephanie stares at Adrien. Akumatized villains, also called evilized villains, are people transformed into supervillains by Hawk Moth with Akumatization, the superpower of the Butterfly Miraculous. Growing up in a luxurious lifestyle, Chloé became extremely conceited and self centered, believing that she should always be the center of attention, with her father being too loving to realize that her ego was getting out of control. Miraculous Ladybug Akumatized villains; Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir; Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth; Chameleon (Miraculous Ladybug) Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug; Luka Couffaine; Lady Wifi (Character) ... Audrey Bourgeois; August (Miraculous Ladybug) Aurore Beauréal; B Bad Lemon; Blade Breaker; Bowler-zooka; Tropes: Anti-Climax: Just as Ladybug figures out a strategy to beat Heart Hunter, Hawk Moth takes away their powers. Miraculous Ladybug: New Bee Heroine [Sequel] [ON HOLD] Fanfiction. Weredad. With the Ladybug Miraculous, when inhabited by Tikki, Marinette transforms into the superheroine Ladybug, gaining the power of good luck and creation to stop Hawk Moth … Type of victim He has a dark red tie, and there is a dark red folded handkerchief in the jacket's upper left pocket. Jan 31, 2019 - Vote on this Miraculous Ladybug poll: From my favourite akumatized villains, which is your favourite (1615989) May 31, 2020 - Explore Mofolafoluwa Lesi's board "akuma \ akumatized villain" on Pinterest. She wears her hair back in a ponytail which is curled to resemble a bee's stinger at the ends, tied with a black hairband, with two black antennae-like ribbons sticking out from the hairband, and a streak of black hair curled into her ponytail. He continued, taking the opportunity he'd been given. Name: Audrey Bourgeois (Civilian), Style Queen, Heart Hunter (Akumatized Villain-self) Origin: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. When she was reserved a seat on the second row, she was outraged, and then soon enough, she left. Gabriel Agreste's fashion show was recently delayed after the Queen of Fashion, Audrey Bourgeois, was akumatized. She is also a budding fashion designer. When evil arises, Marinette transforms into Ladybug while Adrien transforms into Cat Noir. Tikki (Miraculous Ladybug) (131) Lila Rossi (116) Chloé Bourgeois (112) Plagg (Miraculous Ladybug) (104) Sabine Cheng (58) Include Relationships Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug (206) Alya Césaire/Nino Lahiffe (53) Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir & Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug … Trending pages. An enraged Chloé demands that Mr. Bourgeois punish the student body in revenge. It contains only two other Miraculous Charms: The White Mink hairpin, and the Golden Kinkajou Torc. Armed with a magic scepter and determined to get revenge, she attacks Adrien. At least in her late 30's (Has been married 20 years), Classification: Human, Fashion Critic, Akumatized Villain, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Skilled Staff Wielder, Immortality (Type 2, 3 and 6), Regeneration (High-Mid. Video of Miraculous | Troublemaker - Akumatized | Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir for شائقین of Miraculous Ladybug. Akumatized villains introduced in season 2. Queen Bee wears a yellow and black domino mask. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Characters 3.1 Major Characters 3.2 Minor Characters Chloé and Marinette gets trapped in an elevator. | Won’t attack someone without any sort of love. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. On her head, she adorns a black hat with black-and-yellow color stripes on the underside, yellow hat band, and a black-and-yellow flower on the left side. Key: Audrey | Style Queen | Heart Hunter (Audrey), Note: Heart Hunter is an Akumatization of both André and Audrey, so Heart Hunter's key will appear on both pages. Audrey Next Episode (airs ... Audrey Bourgeois, is akumatized into Style Queen. In "Antibug", after she is humilliated by her hero, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Antibug, a supervillain with the same powers and abilities as Ladybug.