Great analysis! Cancer. At 71 days into the DCA protocol, complete resolution of all systemic symptoms had occurred. His answer – Warburg was right; cancer originates and is driven by defective metabolism. These nanoparticles chaotically distort DNA and shift chromosomes by local magnetic fields. Without question the ketogenic diet, or even periodic fasting, for the sake of prevention may be the most efficacious use of the diet overall. 2001;276: 4020– 7. 70 – 80 million years ago Evidence of cancer cells in dinosaur fossils, found in 2003. Clin Transl Med 5: 1-16. Anyone who thinks otherwise is completely missing the point. This is why the Kitavans had such low fasting blood glucose despite eating saturated fat — almost all the fat they ate was short-chain. Would not be surprised if a few other tissues can as well, but we are not finding many. Early for our meeting, but not wanting to break the almost churchlike morning silence by knocking on his office door, I just stood there – transfixed, if not slightly intimidated by the posters decorating the hallway, summarizing decades of cancer research. 30. A new understanding of the cause of cancer -James Grundvig regarding the origin of cancer in 1838 by way of arguing that blastemas were budding cells and not lymph. And I agree with the statement about molecular geneticists below, I was definitely guilty. We addressed in a recent paper…”In these studies, the authors created immortalized fibroblasts which were altered to overexpress rate-limiting enzymes in ketone body production, and co-cultured these cells with human breast cancer cells altered to overexpress enzymes involved in ketone body utilization. I have been studying antique medical text for over 25 years now and know beyond any reason or doubt that cancer IS A METABOLIC DISORDER. Think: radiation has been around for over 100 years. James Watson, after his world-changing discovery of the structure of DNA, shifted his focus to cancer. 7(6): p. 500-6. The metabolic theory provides a simple and elegant explanation for metastasis that is in complete harmony with empirical evidence — in complete contrast to the genetic theory. “3BP doesn’t just slow growth like the vast majority of chemotherapeutic agents – it explodes cancer cells. Thank you. 33. I came across the article, What is The Origin of Cancer?. I don’t know about bowel cancer in the liver, but might be worth checking out. Re prostate cancer, there is a new test called PHI (Prostate Health Index) that is supposed to be much more accurate/specific compared to PSA. What do you guys think? J Biol Chem. More astonishing, if that is possible, Nagalase never misses its target. But the data would have to validate it. Nature, with her sardonic sense of humor, according to Seyfried, orchestrated the perfect cover up. 29. As someone who has sat in front of an oncologist with a patient to hear the far off promise of genetic analysis with a targeting drug is not very hopeful at all. The N refers to the the number of nearby lymph nodes that have cancer. You won’t read about this in the newspapers yet, about the confusing data coming out of the TCGA. OTC better than Metformin? 8. and L.M. Like Miriam Kalamian, a highly-energetic parent and advocate of the ketogenic diet, who says it saved her son’s life, “In December of 2004, our 4 year old son Raffi was diagnosed with a brain tumor. In March of 2007, we discovered research from Boston College that had demonstrated that a calorically restricted ketogenic diet could slow progression of brain tumors….We had nothing to lose, so with the support of his pediatrician and oncologist, Raffi began a restricted ketogenic diet concurrent with a low-dose chemotherapy drug (the same drug that failed to work previously). NEW YORK If metabolic imbalance is the root of all evil, why did you send a link which describes genetics as the root of all evil? doi: 10.1126/science.1126863. 1998;92: 3362– 7. ROBB WOLF, 2x New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat, is a former research biochemist and one of the world’s leading experts in Paleolithic nutrition. Wow what a great article! 7. Cancer or not some day we all going to die. Was this when the halophilic bacteria evolved? I recently asked Dr. Seyfried about that same paper. Knowing that genetics isn’t destiny urges us to seach for the factors we can control that determine disease expession. 2004;23:4679–4689. First let me say that I don’t think the current health care/pharma system has any interest in a cure. I’m not opposed to the ketogenic diet at all, just wondering because of the rest of the nutrients (enzimes and vitamins) than the body need (particularly if undergoing chemo) maybe better provided with a different type of diet. Yes I know you’re speaking to the layperson, but you use various different cancers interchangably in your arguments without even realizing that you’re using apples as evidence that oranges are the same as grapes. 27. Trachootham D, Alexandre J, Huang P. Targeting cancer cells by ROS-mediated mechanisms: a radical therapeutic approach? doi: 10.1038/sj.cdd.4401965. The mutational complexity found in cancer is truly daunting.”  In many ways the somatic mutation theory of cancer seems like a grand-scale example of groupthink. Unfortunately, his regenerating liver could not detoxify the administered antibiotics and he passed away. Given that your average woman has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer this moves someone’s risk to nearly 50%. 17. Where are the RESULTS. As a diabetic how would you recommend doing any of the fasting / keytone plan? 2006;13:2140–2149. It would be great to give Dr Young Ko some more attention on the web somehow, since her results are remarkable but don’t garner enough attention yet due to the drug being based on the metabolic/mitochondrial theory of cancer. Yet cancer researchers have not shown any interest in it. 31. A little over a year ago, the sequence data was released on over 21,000 genes from 100 breast cancer samples, the most comprehensive to date, and for the somatic mutation theory of cancer; the most damning to date. (In the nutrition world it is the equivalent of carbs=good, fat=bad. Seyfried calls the mutations observed in the nuclear DNA of cancer “red herrings” that have little to do with the origination of the disease. IN PHYSIOPATHOLOGY,/ Use natural vitamin C powder mixed into freshly-squeezed orange juice if you want to increase your vitamin C intake. Ketone body utilization drives tumor growth and metastasis, Well, read what Peter the Hyperlipid has to say to this:, My favorite part of Peter’s post is “When people come to look in earnest at ketogenic diets for cancer management the omega 6 content of adipocytes is going to be one hell of a confounder. (See #6 below.) 15. 37. What about benzene? Looking at this from the aspect of a marathon or a relay race, the race isn’t over. He helps us by giving us an early warning sign. How on earth could the tremendous resources dedicated to new therapies – not just at the NCI – but also at almost every major pharmaceutical company around the world not have produced some meaningful results? For instance certain mutations in ‘hotspots’ the p53 gene cause it to fold differently so that it becomes a tumor INDUCER with as many roles as an inducer as it has a repressor. The authors do again pay homage to the complexity of the sequence data, declaring, “The panorama of mutated cancer genes and mutational processes in breast cancer is becoming clearer, and a sobering perspective on the complexity and diversity of the disease is emerging. Because of the way hierarchies work in cellular biology, proteins must do the bidding of their enzymes. The presence of typical and atypical BCR-ABL fusion genes in leukocytes of normal individuals: biologic significance and implications for the assessment of minimal residual disease. I have done CRKD for 3 months and felt great. No one argues that there is a GERM-LINE genetic origin — it’s just that it may very well manifest through damage to OXPHOS. All the gaps in understanding that prevented cures, all the dead ends that Watson had viscerally experienced through his career on the front line in the war on cancer, would soon be filled in. Nevertheless, the government did not imprison Warburg, because it was believed Hitler was terrified of cancer, and Warburg was the world’s foremost expert at the time. In Cancer as a metabolic disease, Thomas Seyfried mentions the possibility of IR. Thank you for the fascinating article. 14. Systemic Therapist. Intracellular molecules FeO;Fe2O3;Fe3O4 are the main creators of these nanoparticles (any cancer is a subtle iron disease). Lung cancer claims more lives each year than do colon, prostate, ovarian and breast cancers combined.People who smoke have the greatest risk of lung … Initially, the patient presented with a large tumor burden in his liver as 3BP swiftly destroyed massive numbers of cancer cells with staggering speed the patient suffered from a transient case of tumor lysis syndrome – a toxic collateral burden imposed on the body from the simultaneous death and release of malignant shrapnel into the bloodstream. A few are commonly mutated, but many infrequently mutated genes collectively make a substantial contribution in myriad different combinations.”. Dr Colin Campbell’s (aka China Study) has a new book out titled “Whole”. My understanding is cal restricted+ keto is optimal. *Yes, 5% of known cancers come from people with a known family history of said cancer. PLoS One, 2013. The genomic and metabolic theories do not have to be mutually exclusive and probably aren’t. The metabolic theory of cancer goes way back to 1924 in Berlin, Germany, — and a curious biochemist named Otto Warburg. Please, check out our website that contains information about 3-bromopyruvate, the only agent that can obliterate cancers and the only drug that can so far be THE CURE, the long-desired, ever-evasive and now possible cure for Cancer. In the previous chapters of Mukherjee’s book he brings the characters to light in delightfully colorful detail and vivid texture, weaving an inspired and imaginative narrative. Again, for the somatic mutation theory of cancer to work – samples like these can’t exist. CREB activation induced by mitochondrial dysfunction is a new signaling pathway that impairs cell proliferation. > … was elevated and my Urologist wanted me to have a biopsy. Like Barry Marshall, labeled a quack by the medical community for his claim that a yet unknown species of bacteria, an organism that according to convention, could not exist in the acidic environment of the stomach, was the true cause of ulcers rather than stress — the accepted, but ambiguous perpetrator. Connecting the dots is drinking cool-aide? Ide T, Brown-Endres L, Chu K, Ongusaha PP, Ohtsuka T, El-Deiry WS, Aaronson SA, Lee SW. GAMT, a p53-inducible modulator of apoptosis, is critical for the adaptive response to nutrient stress. J Biol Chem. Thanks. Cell Physiol Biochem 34: 213-243. Singh KK, Kulawiec M, Still I, Desouki MM, Geradts J, Matsui S. Inter-genomic cross talk between mitochondria and the nucleus plays an important role in tumorigenesis. Affiliate disclaimer: From time-to-time we may recommend or promote a product or service from another company. Zhao, B., et al., Common commercial and consumer products contain activators of the aryl hydrocarbon (dioxin) receptor. For now, however, he’s staying out of trouble and doing community service. The problem I have is with the way they have captured the FDA system to keep out drugs and companies that can not afford the hurdles that keep smaller operators out of the market. Paleo vs Low Carb: Is There One True Way. They will never see the spikes that sugar burners do, but they will have more sugar available at any other given moment. 16. Amazingly, the tumor shrank by 15% in the first 3 months! In the end, he concludes, there really are no villains. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Mortality for lung cancer has increased *and* decreased in that amount of time. Our environment including what we eat, touch and breathe containing chemicals and toxins create a toxic dump within, perfect for breeding pathogens, allowing imbalances to weaken the body giving cells a chance to mutate, change and proliferate. 2010;107:7455–7460. Thank you for giving hope back to the people. Unlike genetic code, epigenetic drivers are plastic, fluid, and transient forces that influence the expression of genes. After doing his own research, the patient began to mix 1000 mg of DCA into a bottle of Mt. — I don’t know, but it does. Holy cow. I couldn’t stop reading this. 42. this should really be a blog post, not a comment!! Epilepsy Res, 2012. The biggest problem today is trying to figure out how hospitals can reimburse trained ketogenic diet dietitians for their time.”, “The efficacy of this diet is really remarkable,”   says Dr. Seyfried, “If one was able to patent and package the ketogenic diet as a pill for cancer it would be a blockbuster. So you’re saying its the mitochondrial DNA that’s mutated? To von Hanselmann noticing the chromosomes of cancer were bent, broken, in chaos in the late 1800’s. LONDON. No single mutation could be identified that was required for the disease to start, no combination of mutations, for that matter, could be found that initiated the disease. My latest is here: There is alleged to be some evidence that Professor John Mattick of the Garvin Institute is ALSO involved. i.e. He also points out that 1) while many cancers exhibit the changes described by Warburg, some do not ( Red blood cells, prostate cancers), and 2) cancers are so good at evolving within different environments, he thinks the major benefits of ketogenic diets might be in prevention. Patient switched to an LCHF diet (probably at least part-time keto) and has ceased worrying about it (BPH symptoms have receded markedly too). I read many articles regarding cancer. Biochim Biophys Acta. This seems perfectly healthy in an otherwise healthy individual, but for a somebody who has a sugar loving cancer, it seems like a bad idea. 100 years ago numerous doctors cured cancer, often routinely. When I asked Dr. Larry Loeb of the University of Washington, one of the key players in the CGAP, to summarize in a few sentences what has been learned so far from the sequence data –he spoke slowly and deliberately, “There are enormous numbers of mutations present in each tumor – and it is very, very difficult to determine which ones are causative. Due to it’s potent polarity, it has a tendency of binding to DNA and causing problems for rapidly dividing cells…unfortunately, i do not think any of these approaches (even ketosis) will be a one-stop-shop for all cancer types. Nagalase, arguably our most immunosuppressive protein molecule, poses an enormous threat in terms of cancer perpetuation and viruses’ ability to continually defeat us. The body is amazing and miraculous, and instead of giving our power away to the doctors who prescribe drugs and surgery, we need to be advocates for ourselves. I’m not entirely convinced of the theory, but it certainly sounds plausible to me. While working in his lab Warburg noticed something strange about cancer cells – critically, he noticed they had difficulty using oxygen to generate energy. Ted, You are absolutely correct, researchers have made great strides on some types of cancer, especially CML – with Gleevec. Cross, Ketogenic diets: where do we go from here? Chandra D, Singh KK. The system isn’t about health, it’s about wealth. In both cases am unable to reveal the source of this information as my informant is fearful of reprisals. Cancer is a disease of DNA. Working in cahoots with cancer and HIV—not shy about getting into bed with our mortal enemies—Nagalase can rightfully claim direct responsibility for billions of human deaths. J Biol Chem. I’m now reading a book a woman wrote who cured herself of cancer by drinking carrot juice. Driver mutations are operative in many cancer genes. For example, breast cancer that spreads to and forms a metastatic tumor in the lung is metastatic breast cancer, not lung cancer. Accurate anti-iron methods of The Old Testament can successfully beat any cancer. Kossoff, E.H. and J.H. Lee, The Paleo Diet - Robb Wolf on Paleolithic nutrition, intermittent fasting, and fitness. 10(16): p. 5622-9. [GC Nat'l Park], The Secret of How Life on Earth Began      [Origin of Life Video#], Tour of the Moon in 4K  (NASA Visualization Studio), Understanding the Ebola Virus        [Immune System Video#], Why Animals Diversified on Earth: Cancer Research Provides Clues, Discoverer of Lucy Skeleton Hopes to Find What Made Us Human, DNA from Ancient Latrines Reveal What People Ate Centuries Ago   [2]   [3], Doubling Up on Junk DNA Helps Make Us Human, Earliest Human Cancer Found in 1.7 Million Year Old Bone, It's Official: Timeline for Human Migration Gets a Rewrite      [2], What Gorilla Poop Reveals About Our Own Lousy Diets     [2]        [3], Outdoor Survival Guide iOS   [Android version]. Eat more fresh fish from unpolluted waters, lamb, fowl, and wild game. Comparing the yeast retrograde response and NF-kappaB It drives them nuts to discover that a cancer is lurking somewhere inside without knowing exactly where it is located. When calories are reduced to a certain threshold the body initiates a process called autophagy (self-digestion). I am going to “force” her to read this article. Article; Info & Metrics; eLetters; PDF; This is a PDF-only article. Thus they are genetic in nature by definition. He had no idea how hauntingly prophetic that statement was to be. Mattson, The neuroprotective properties of calorie restriction, the ketogenic diet, and ketone bodies. Turn your back and he’s a mass murderer again. Can you repair genes with diet? The cancer-research medical complex, with its massive infrastructure, all the investment, and livings derived from it – from the businessmen and salesmen, to the doctors and nurses, is as encompassing as a black-hole, and struggles to move with the inertia of an arctic glacier.