Rear: I start with the middle position in the rear, and then tune up or down if needed. My base shock oil choice for the P2 rocker set is around 50wt for most tracks, using the stock piston arrangement. This keeps the chassis flatter in the corners and helps rotate the truck quickly when entering turns. Be careful about changing track conditions, and keep a close check on the track's surface throughout the course of the day to see if the surface becomes pitted and broken up. Ontvang de nieuwste aanbiedingen en promoties. Camber defines the angle at which the tops of the front and rear tires are leaned in from a perpendicular (wheels straight up and down – no angle) setting. This is a 2oz bottle of Traxxas Silicone Shock Oil. Choosing the right rockers for your track condition is easy. Page 26 (see the “Replacing Shock Oil” section on the designed into the model’s wheels are intentional; therefore, previous page). lighter than stock weight. Although springs of different rates can be installed, most tracks' stock-Slash rules do not permit spring changes. While silicone oil is recognized as the best for RC due to its ability to resist changes in viscosity due to temperature fluctuations, the labeling can be misleading. $12.65. Next, slowly move the piston up and down to clear all bubbles. I use 300Kwt diff fluid in the diff. It never hurts to run zero toe up front on a two-drive chassis, but if you're looking for a slight change in steering sensitivity, then try making small adjustments to the front toe angle. Toe-in will tone down steering response and make the truck less aggressive. Note that the LT rockers can be used for jumping, but require much heavier shock fluids to soak up the landings. You can make fine-tuned adjustments with the threaded pre-load collars located on the shocks. This set-up will allow you to run thinner shock fluid than with the stock piston arrangement, or it can be used with thicker fluids for firm spring applications. Search. The rear toe angle is not adjustable on the Slash. Tuning in negative camber is very common in on and off-road racing. After tons of testing and many weekends at the track racing the new Revo, I've come to know our new monster pretty well. This frees up the rear end to rotate more aggressively, thus enhancing turn-in. There are multiple ways of changing the 'action' of the diff, but the longest lasting method that I've found, without having to have special tools to modify the diff case is to use a very thick diff lube, but only use a little bit though. This is not to say that they won't work well for you on the track, but I prefer a more progressive feel to the suspension. I hope this section of my performance guide helps you to get your Revo suspension dialed-in to your local track. Notify me sold out. The thicker the oil, the more damping your shocks will have when riding over bumps. A good base setup is with the rear drive shafts set a little below level, and with the front suspension arms set level with the surface. After the first drive I decided to switch the shocks to 10wt. The most complete RC Silicone Shock Oil Comparison Chart of Available Oils and Conversions of WT to CST. Raising the rear end will also provide a little more on-power grip by keeping more weight directly above the rear tires during acceleration. This means the battery should be installed and the body should be mounted (The body was removed in the photos for better visual). The format of this guide will be similar to the Maxx series of articles where I separated the guide into three categories: suspension, chassis, and transmission/drivetrain. Getting an ample amount of down travel is what should be looked at first, and then you can determine what damping rate is desired. Heavy Oil will make your car seem sluggish. TEAM LOSI RACING Shock Oil, 6Pk, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 2oz, TLR74021 4.9 out of 5 stars 150 $22.99 $ 22. Try it in the stock position first and decide if you need more steering in the corners or not before you make a change. However, since the Revo's suspension system works so well at absorbing rough track surfaces, I still choose to run springs that are a step firmer than stock. The Slash shocks come filled with 30wt shock fluid. Adjusting the front toe angle is easily done by changing the length of the steering links. This is the rocker set best suited for the roughest tracks out there. This will allow the suspension to be more forgiving over the ruts, and the truck will be easier to control. in the front use long shafts with a 6mm internal spacer and move the bottom mount out as far as you can go. The closer the shocks get to vertical, the less the spring and damping rates will change from full extension to full compression. some oils have detergents that could be harmful to the o-rings and bladder seals. This is approximately 1.5lbs. Think of it as a way to further tune within a particular rocker set. Plastic bottle of 20wt Silicone Shock Oil Two assembled shocks. I start the rear at 2.5 degrees toe-in for most conditions. Basically, this changes the inner location of the upper camber link. Another option is to move the rear shocks (with #2 pistons) to the front and install the #3 pistons into the front shocks, which will now be mounted in the rear (Be sure you don't mix up your front and rear springs). Electric Power Cars I run Drag cars every Sunday outside. The precision-pour, twist-nozzle cap makes it quick and easy to fill shock bodies, without all the mess. Also, the use of just one x-ring allows for more room for stroke since it takes up less space than a traditional two o-ring set-up found in most shocks today. This is known as 'negative' camber. 1-800-705-2215; Contact Us; Home. I fill the front shocks with 50wt shock fluid and the rears with 60wt shock fluid. $6.57. Note: when using the upper rear camber link position, a small amount of material will need to be removed from the shock tower just above the camber link. This is a 80cc bottle of Kyosho silicone shock oil. So I don’t know the brand of the shock, but it was on my emaxx and is the same design as my big bores. Sep 15, 2015, 10:01 AM #2; bill_delong. This allows a lighter damping setup to be used up front to balance out the overall feel and sets the chassis up nicely in the corners. Cookie settings ACCEPT With that in mind, let's focus on the adjustments we can make within the rules. I myself have a XXX4 with 3 ounces on it it does not slow down top speed. For high bite tracks, I'll reduce this to as little as a 0.5 degree. The front bump steer adjustment can be configured so that no matter what caster or roll center setting is used, bump steer can be eliminated by shimming the outer toe link rod end up or down to compensate for the caster/roll center change (see chart). Then, you must find the proper Evening Look at changing the shock oil in my TRX 4. Standing the tires up (perpendicular to the surface) will tone down the traction by decreasing the contact patch between the tire and the surface in the corners. This allows the suspension to absorb bumps easily at slower speeds. $8.00. For P1 rockers start with 60wt shock oil. Check to make sure the shock bladder is seated correctly into the cap. Lighter weight Oil will make your car seem more responsive. Add to Cart. My base setup for shock position up front is the inner hole. The P2 rocker set combines just the right amount of progressiveness for quick response on the technical sections of a track, without sacrificing the suspension's ability to handle the rougher sections. In this article I'll cover all of the base setup principles of the Slash. Traxxas 30w Shock Oil 60ml . COVID-19: We ask for your understanding as you may experience delivery delays. to remove ads between posts. This is the standard oil that is installed in many Traxxas vehicles from the factory. These include spring preload and ride height, damping rate, and shock position (see right). The stock springs (white dot/front, green dot/rear) work well in a wide variety of applications, especially extra rough terrain. Small adjustments can easily be made with the pre-load collars. Traxxas Introduces Premium Shock Oil Line-Up. What weight oil is suggested 2 run in the front vs back if not same for all 4?? in the rear use long shafts instead of extralong.this should make the lenght of your shocks about 90mm. Traxxas Silicone shock oil (30 wt), 60cc, TRX1667 € 7,95 . I like to use the lower position in the rear when I can. My base choice of springs is the orange dots up front with the gold dots in the rear. Quantity. Klanten geven ons een score van 9.0 bij KiyOh! its 132 feet.. and most of our RC's have front weights.. **Vandaag besteld = Morgen in huis** Since I like a lot of steering in my truck, I tend to keep the front roll center set a little more relaxed than the rear. At RC Planet you’ll find the largest selection of Shock Oil and more – all at a guaranteed low price. I normally won't change this until I get to a very high-bite track where camber can actually be used as a tool for adding or taking away traction. Beoordelingen (0) Beoordelingen Er zijn nog geen beoordelingen. Toe angle is described as the direction the wheels are pointing (in relation to one another) when looking down at the chassis from above. Traxxas Shock Oil If you have a Traxxas model, you cannot go wrong when choosing RC shock oil offered by this brand, but some pilots who are in competitive circuits prefer other brands such as Associated. Notify me In Stock. Down travel is reduced by moving the lower shock mount further away from the chassis. Shock position also affects the overall down travel of the suspension arm. This is why I generally run the maximum amount of caster (arms to the rear/all shims to the front). Available in seven weights, this 100% pure silicone oil allows precise vehicle suspension tuning for maximum performance, no matter where you drive. Spread a little bit of oil around the edge of the shock bladder, then thread on the cap slowly while the excess oil seeps out of the bleed hole. The precision-pour, twist-nozzle cap makes it quick and easy to fill shock bodies, without all the mess. This allows a slightly lower rear stance, which provides a good weight transfer entering a corner. This is also an adjustment that suits my driving style a little better (I wouldn't recommend automatically using max caster). Traxxas introduces a complete line of premium silicone shock oil for all your RC needs. Shock Oil Cleaners & Degreasers Tire Glue Tool Sets Apparel Drone Propellers Airplane Propellers Carrying Case - Bags Stands FPV & Cameras TOYS & HOBBIES Pinewood Derby Model Rockets Games & Toys Science & Learning Plastic Models This is a 60cc bottle of Traxxas Silicone Shock Oil. I've put the Revo to the test on many different styles of tracks, with conditions ranging from hard packed blue groove to soft and loamy. Is there anything that will work like shock oil on the rustler shocks a bottle of shock oil is about 3 bucks. 8P 54T, Jato. Remember that if you change shock position to alter down travel, then the damping and spring rate will also change, according to which direction the shocks are moved. Now several months and over 100 hours later it is still running 10wt. The precision-pour, twist-nozzle cap makes it […] I use the following pieces on the suspension of my Revo to save weight while maintaining excellent durability. The fluid inside of the Revo's dampers gets a little warmer than with dampers found on traditional suspension systems, due to the extra work they perform. Experiment by trying different amounts of 300K fluid to get your ideal result. Base Rocker/Oil Chart (stock pistons) P1 Rockers 60wt P2 Rockers 50wt P3 Rockers 40wt My base shock oil choice for the P2 rocker set is around 50wt for most tracks, using the stock piston arrangement. This will reduce body roll and enhance the truck's agility. Traxxas Shock Oil. Clean the cap as well and if you’re using caps with bladders, check the condition of the bladder and that it fits properly. Shock Oil - Find shock oil for your radio control cars and trucks at RC Planet. The type of battery pack also plays a big part in this. My base front camber setting is -2.0 degree. Traxxas TRX7660 Shocks, oil-filled (assembled with springs) (2) Prijs: 17,95 Model: TRX7660. This provides the quick response I'm looking for in most track conditions. These shocks also include our super smooth, long wearing titanium nitride (TiN) coated shock shafts. This is the standard 30 wt oil that is installed in many Traxxas vehicles from the factory. E-mail adres Abonneer. At the same If the oil that comes out of the shock is still “normal”, i.e. Positive camber is when the tops of the tires are leaned outward, and is very rarely used. The 90mm travel rockers were designed to increase the progressive rate felt at the wheel as the suspension is compressed. Michael’s Hot Rod RC Shop, Cars – Parts – Service, De webshop en winkel in Zeist, Utrecht voor uw RC auto; Buggy’s, Truggy’s, SC Truck’s en Scale Cr The lower adjustment position increases the angle of the camber more progressively as the suspension arm is compressed through its upstroke. This will help prevent the suspension from becoming over sprung or under damped. So as promised, here is the first installment of the complete performance-tuning guide for the Revo. Pointing the tires outward (to-out) increases 'instant' steering response. Pinion & Spur Gears. Out of the box, the stock GTR shocks come assembled with #1 pistons in the front and #2 piston in the rear. It's time to let all of you race hungry Revo owners in on everything I've learned about this killer truck. When it comes to RC shock oil, pricing tends to be very competitive; for the most part, Traxxas offers reasonable prices according to weight. The upper camber link controls the camber angle as the wheel moves up and down through the suspension range. Important: If the pre-load collars on the shocks are set too far up or down on the shock, this will affect where the rocker is positioned (at rest) in its progressive rate curve (see pic below). Total The PTFE?-coated hard-anodized dampers (above #5460X) are even smoother and have TiN (Titanium Nitride) coated shafts to resist wear. Traxxas 30w Shock Oil 20ml . 2 Winkels in Nederland en 1 winkel in Belgie Bijna alles op voorraad. The suspension on the Revo is a remarkable piece of engineering, but it's very easy to use. Proper alignment settings are a very important part of setup. The thickness of Kyosho shock oil is measured using the more linear Europen Centi Poise "Cps" system, which is different to the "Weight" system used by Team Losi and Team Associated in the USA. Now, after all this testing and track time, I've put together a comprehensive, highly informative, and accurate set-up guide. MCM blijft in zijn kot van 18 tot 22 januari 2021. Small tracks with tight turns will appreciate the quick response delivered by these rockers. There is less than 0.1 degree of bump steer through the entire range of travel. shipping: + $1.99 shipping . Ride height is an adjustment that I check and adjust every time I make a change to the suspension set-up. This will also make the truck feel a little more aggressive and a little less plush in the rear, but since the suspension works so well in that department, it ends up working out nicely. The Slash is the perfect foundation for fun. If you have a Traxxas model, you cannot go wrong when choosing RC shock oil offered by this brand, but some pilots who are in competitive circuits prefer other brands such as Associated. Code: 1666. That’s right folks, the crew at Traxxas have just announced a new line-up of Premium Shock Oil.Made from 100% pure silicone oil, the new Traxxas shock oil allows for precise suspension tuning, thus helping to get maximum performance out of your rig. Each one with different hole sizes, piston #1 = large, piston #2 = medium, piston #3 = small. I'll go to a softer spring set-up for very rough tracks. I'll tune in as much as 3.0 degrees toe-in for conditions that are rough and slick. Available in seven weights, this 100% pure silicone oil allows precise vehicle suspension tuning for maximum performance, no matter where you drive. Always double-check ride height after changing rocker sets, adjusting pushrod locations, swapping springs, etc. This generally improves or maintains an ample level of traction as the chassis leans into a corner. shock body. It's also important to note that when setting proper ride height, the truck should be ready to drive. On high-bite surfaces adding negative camber (tilting the top of the tire in toward the chassis) will make the truck a little more aggressive and improve traction. There's a rocker set for any kind of surface imaginable. When adjusting chassis alignment settings, always remember that it's most important that the left and right sides are set and adjusted equally. Stock Gearing SCX10: 32P 13T Pinion / 56T Spur Gear. With the stock pistons and P2 rockers, 50wt to 65wt fluid is a good starting point. I generally mount the front in the stock (upper) position. The P2's are the most well-rounded rockers for the majority of today's nitro off-road racetracks. My base front toe setting for the Slash is 1.0-degree of toe out per side. Traxxas slash 4x4 spur gear chart 2 EB48. The lower (stock) location provides the most stability for the rear end, but if you're looking for more steering and turn-in, the upper position will help. But one would hope that you This allows a good contact patch through the corner. There are offset hollow balls along with different shims (#5355) available for moving the outer rod ends up or down to tune 'bump in' or 'bump out' into the toe angles. $3.00. They also come standard with x-rings for a perfect seal and smooth action. The heart of any suspension system is the shock absorbers, and the Slash's shocks are fully tunable. $11.98. Meld je aan voor onze nieuwsbrief. Bump steer is associated with the tie-rod and suspension arm relationship concerning active toe angle. 'Bump in' will increase rear bite under acceleration with an increase in steering off throttle. They’re hard-anodized, PTFE-coated and have large cylinders for greater oil capacity. Add to cart In Stock. Proper springs are a vital part of a good handling truck. Q: Why haven't you made new videos since 2013?A: My local RC track facility was forced to move a long ways away. Looking for Traxxas 70-Weight Silicone Shock Oil (60cc)? Just fill up the shock body close to the top. That's pretty amazing considering that the Revo offers the most suspension travel of any monster truck. The lower position of each shock can be adjusted to achieve different handling characteristics. On tracks that are really tight, I will run as much as 2 to 3 degrees of toe-out. Traxxas now has a complete line of premium silicone shock oil for all your RC needs. Shock (Oil Damper) Tie Rod (Turnbuckle) Throttle/Brake Servo Receiver Transmission Air Filter Pipe Header Engine see pg. Oil is sold in small bottles from (usually) 10wt to 100wt. X-rings provide two sealing surfaces against the shaft vs. just one from standard o-ring. Reducing the weight of the Revo can affect spring selection. Traxxas 1667 30wt Silicone Shock Oil (60cc) 4.8 out of 5 stars 105 $7.99 $ 7. At RCcarStars we are driven to help all RC hobbyist learn and understand more about our hobby of RC cars. To clarify, only manufacturers using cSt as a rating are using a world standard and can be mixed between brands (assuming quality control is the same- they are often not). The rear camber changes more drastically as the suspension arms move up and down through the entire range. Sometimes when changing to a firmer spring, it's a good idea to also change shock fluid to a thicker viscosity and vise-versa. Concerning Cts the thinner the oil (fluid) the lower the number, the ticker the oil the higher the number. Product successfully added to your shopping cart. For now, let's go over the fundamentals of setting up a Slash for the track using the adjustments that are built into the truck. Traxxas Big Bore shocks provide ultimate damping control. The upper adjustment position allows the contact patch to decrease slightly as the truck leans in a corner, which slightly reduces overall grip though the corner. I'll make changes to the rear camber setting based on how much rear traction is needed for the current track conditions. 99 FREE Shipping Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Caster directly affects the steering of the truck throughout the entire turn. The outer position decreases the distance which works very well for smooth tracks. Q: Why haven't you made new videos since 2013?A: My local RC track facility was forced to move a long ways away. Im looking at 10-15 atm Cheers Stiff springs or binding . Traxxas offers 11 pairs of springs to get your set-up dialed-in for any surface. I like to set the ride height on my Revo up just a little bit higher in the rear for a little more weight to transition to the front when entering a corner for more steering. In most situations, I use only the outer two location. Try that first and see if the truck will negotiate all of the rough sections without upsetting the handling. Shock Preload and Ride Height How much preload you need to tune into the shocks depends on how much traction and weight transfer you're looking for. There is no cheap alternative to the R/C Mineral or Silicone based Shock oil -that I am aware of. On two-wheel drive vehicles, the front toe angle is generally set with small angles. Enthusiastic racers all over the country enjoy the electric-powered Slash 2WD short-course racing truck. A lower ride height is better suited for smoother terrain while the rough stuff will want a higher stance. $28.00. what shock oil should i use for the traxxas slash. Nu gesloten Vandaag bereikbaar vanaf 10.00 uur. Filling the shocks with oil - With the bleed hole molded into the cap, anyone can build a perfect shock every time. Michael's Hot Rod RC Shop. Other than that you might be able to try "Mineral Oil" which is sold at Walgreens or CVS pharmacies, I use it for my Disc Brakes on the Mountain Bike. However, knowing the best oil is not enough to choose the right oil. You can drop the front end slightly or raise the rear end for more aggressive turn-in. These are base settings and may need to change due to varying track conditions. OUT OF STOCK What You Need to … Each rocker set is designed with different geometries to raise or lower the progressive rate of the suspension. The LT rockers lack the progressive bump handling traits of the 90mm rockers sets, which makes them a little more sluggish in the corners, and jump landings can be pretty harsh if landing from anything larger than a medium-sized jump. Use the P3's for smooth high-bite tracks. With the front wheels pointed straight ahead, check to see if the fronts of the tires are pointed in toward each other or away from each other. For 1/7 Traxxas UDR Shock Absorbers Damper Cover Oil Leakage Prevention Al-Alloy. I like to get as much steering as I can out of my monster trucks because of their bigger wheels and tires. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Sign up now. The 60wt oil in the rear shocks provides ample 'pack' for jump landings and keeps chassis roll to a minimum. then move those out as far as you can go. It's inexpensive, easy to operate, ultra durable, and looks extremely realistic. you could do that but here is something don't have to change your oil. Clean the cap as well and if you’re using caps with bladders, check the condition of the bladder and that it fits properly. The use of the inner positions on the arms will raise the trucks ride height too high for most racing applications, and is generally reserved for extreme off-road bashing and rock crawling. Heavier battery packs, such as 6 or 7-cell NiMH battery packs will require an extra preload clip or two to achieve the same ride height versus a lightweight LiPo battery pack. P3 rockers work well with 40wt shock oil. This means that the suspension will get stiffer as it is compressed. Traxxas cannot recommend the use of other non-Traxxas wheels 7. Traxxas Silicone shock oil (30 wt), 60cc aantal. This changes the contact patch of the tire in relation to the ground. The front end of the Slash is much lighter than the rear end. Shock Oil: Shock Oil determines the damping of your car. [ TRX-5034 ] Traxxas Oil, shock (50 wt, 600 cSt, 60cc) (silicone) - TRX5034 € 8,95 € 8,95 € Product niet beschikbaar. Cars - Parts - Service Bergweg 38 - 3701JK - Zeist Traxxas 7463 - GTR Long 2-Shock Rebuilt Kit. There are many things to consider when choosing shock oils and in this article, we’ll go over our recommendations for a basic setup. The angle of the tire changes as the chassis leans into and through a corner. There are many things to consider when choosing shock oils and in this article, we’ll go over our recommendations for a basic setup. plus u can choose viscosity shock oil. However, it is still tunable. For Revos close to stock weight, try green dots up front and tan dots in the rear. These are upgrade springs used on the xx-long GTR shocks used on the Traxxas Slash Ultimate and Platinum and The Revo's suspension system is very unique and offers independent tuning options that most standard-styled suspension systems cannot. The Slash is "Ready-To-Race" right out of the box, but there are a few tricks that can be utilized to get the most out of this distinctive machine. Tighten the cap until it stops. This is not to say that each rocker set won't handle a wide range of surfaces, but each one is designed to better suit each type of surface you'll encounter. Let's get started! My base rear camber setting is -2.5 degree from perpendicular. I don’t know the open length of the trx springs to comment on others. Shock Oil - Find shock oil for your radio control cars and trucks at RC Planet. Bump in : The front of the wheels point inward when the suspension is compressed. Steel 0. All three are made with two bypass holes. Silicone shock oil 30 weight oil Fills shock reservoirs Use Traxxas stock and hop-up replacement parts to get the most out of you Traxxas RTR vehicles This product is made from high quality materials and designed for lasting performance This is for use on RC vehicles such as the Traxxas Line Up; consult your user's manual for exact parts listings There are two positions located on each front suspension and there are five possible positions on each the rear suspension arms. There are different ways to measure camber, but the most common method is to measure the angle when the truck is resting at its race-ready ride height. Generally shock oil is (using Traxxas' weight scale) under 1k WT, whereas differential oil is above that. Since most racing clubs are currently holding stock-spec classes for the Slash, I'll save the hop-ups and go-fast goodies for a future article. runny and transparent, it’ll be enough to clean the cylinder with a rolled-up piece of paper towel. Just curious what WT you guys are using and why. However, it is sometimes necessary to detune (decrease) the contact patch to scrub the ruts and imperfections on the track surface. This is a 1/2 (approximate) bottle of Traxxas Silicone Shock Oil. You must consider the weight of your RC car, the size of its absorbers, and the stiffness of its springs. Jul 28, 2010, 06:50 PM #2; veggieslinger. An ill-handling truck can be fixed in many cases just by correcting the camber and toe settings. if you have to rebuild them because u destroyed the seal w/ something then thats 3 bucks too so jus save the time and use shock oil. For normal shock absorber use, this rate may vary between 100 Cts until 900 Cts. In winkelmand. Note where the chassis settles. The 300K holds up and stays consistent for many weeks of racing. The springs can still be changed out independently front and rear for your particular driving style and conditions.