All of these websites have pictures of packed congregations, hands raised, or large buildings or rock bands – but that’s just not the case with many of the small churches out there. Great list and job Magen! The “What about my family” section links directly to their children’s ministry information which is smart. Being fans of a hamburger menu to save room and add a nice mobile friendly feature to your website is great, but we aren’t as big of fans of the menu when opened, taking up the entire page versus being a side menu. Christ Fellowship is a multiethnic congregation gathering across nine locations in South Florida, with more than 26,000 in attendance each week and over 50,000 joining online. They featured their budget there. Their youth and kids pages are laid out with great care. They have made a very simple, yet well-done site. We chose them for their alternating parallax images on the homepage and their group finder page with added filters to quickly find a group to fit specific needs. This is a multi-campus church with a huge online presence. The use of the parallax images helps give the extra design pop that we like as well. We liked the layout of their About page. Largest #7. Having your most needed website information in an easy to find location or a link off of the homepage is a must. 12Stone has a simple, yet modern website feel to it. This is a larger church, so getting all of your ministry opportunities and information out there can be tricky, but they have done a nice job. This is a cool idea versus just using text. Large graphics and links to connect on social media are a good highlight on this website as well. They have some great resources for new believers that are helpful to have there on the website. We liked how they had large block links right on the homepage for each of their ministry areas. How to check in your kids, where to park, what worship looks like, etc. This church currently meets in a high school, so they rely heavily on volunteers to serve in all areas, and their website shows all of the different places you can be involved in the “A-TEAM.”. We chose Biltmore Church for our Top 100 Church Websites list for their photography and use of resources. Andrea Morris. August 27, 2020 4:14 PM by nick gatz. This alone makes it stand out as a top church website for us. They have a neat logo that ties into their overall look. Would love to have our site up for consideration! We liked that their headlines are in their accent color to make them further stand out and pop. For our Top 100 Website list, we enjoyed hunting down some really cool sites. They have a ‘WHEN YOU ARRIVE’ video that shows you what to expect on your first visit: how to check your child in, where to park, where to go, etc. Shop Now. That’s a fair question, and one that has been asked before. Their staff section is well done with great professional photos. They have tons of small groups and they communicate how important it is to get involved and stay connected. On the live page, you can take notes right on your computer and look up Bible references while you watch. Their age groups are also broken down into natural categories that are easy to follow and help your family find its place. Posted by Lauren Hunter | Sep 2, 2020 | Communication, Mobile | There’s no doubt that texting is the most direct way to make contact with people today. Church Finder is used by millions of people and includes over 280,000 Christian churches. Biltmore has made it easy to contact each one of their staff members on their cleanly laid out staff page. They have very clear CTA (Call To Action) buttons and is overall a great mobile-friendly website. Their website … Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for your church? The small countdown timer in the sidebar makes it convenient to click on if you are looking to watch live. Churches quickly adopt online services, find new ways to raise funds . Most of the website is just one page – the homepage. Or do you know of a church that is revolutionizing the way churches operate online? With a heart to reach people at their point of need, Christ Fellowship’s external focus keeps the church moving in the direction towards the community—feeding the homeless, creating homes for neglected and abused children in the South Florida and caring for the underserved communities in our region. Looking for Church Management software? As you can see, they used clean graphic images, nice lines, and text spacing, and the bold accent colors that all work very nicely together. They made the cutest background homepage video that we had seen. The drop-down menus are broken down nicely into easy to find categories. Online Giving for Churches: Inspire Members to Give Their Way. The use of the bold accents around the site sure makes the pop that we like. Bethel Redding has a more straightforward website but they have laid it out very cleanly, so we wanted to add this one to our Top 100 Church Websites list. Abby Jarvis . “The Chapel”  has a neat logo. Find out now by learning about each of the top five online software options for churches. The inside pages are easy to find and navigate through; finding all vital information quickly. Their photos are very clear and of high quality. The menu navigation is easy to follow and get where you want to go. This does not mean that traditional ways should be abandoned. Government officials and civic leaders are now turning to Church United as needs come up in our community, bringing the hope of Jesus into the marketplace. They have a very detailed children’s ministry and preschool pages. We also have 45 rebroadcasts throughout the week. The Ministries page for example instead of having a page for youth, men, women, etc. Nicknamed as the "evangelical pope," Rick Warren's monumental contributions to the Church include writing "The Purpose Driven Life" — a book that's second only to the Bible in best-selling non-fiction, training numerous church … They have huge link buttons that grab your attention. […], Comment by Bob Seeley on Jan. 21, 2018 at 6:41 pm. In contrast to the more muted colors the black and white pops in the navigation. Again, those show in a personal way what is happening in your church. Candid, location and landscape shots have really captured our eyes. They have showcased many ways to get involved on the homepage as well. Ditto for Joel and Victoria Osteen’s Lakewood Church, which has more than 43,000 weekly members and an archive of online sermons, but no dedicated online campus. Main campus location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, Senior pastor: Doug Sauder (Founder: Bob Coy), How they got here: The second oldest church on this list, Calvary Chapel opened in 1985 under colorful founder Bob Coy. Keep in mind that your website is targeting potential church visitors. We liked how they used a ton of parallax images on the content pages to break up the text and just give them a more personal look. Finding a group of any kind couldn’t have been made any more easy. . Who doesn’t like a party?! They are a multi-campus church that has made it easy to plug into their ministries. Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Website Builders for Free The creation of websites with the help of artificial design intelligence (ADI) isn’t a fantasy for several years already. The children’s pages are broken down into age groups again, for easy access for parents. church management. Short blurbs are best and if you need more information, you can click and get more. Let us know in the comments below. 16. Simple, straight and to the hearts of what church visitors are looking for. Church websites can catch the attention of a website visitor. They used more a collage style background for most of their pages which is a neat way to show a handful of images for one certain ministry area if you aren’t wanting to use video. How convenient! They have a good handful of pages, but they aren’t overloaded with content. Use Coupon Code Hello21 at Checkout or By Phone. We liked this because a website visitor can quickly listen to online messages and see what the church ‘sounds like’ on a Sunday message. The photos are large, vibrant, and full bleed. Focused bold colors made this website stand out to us. Cherry Hills Community Church’s navigation menu was different and stood out to us. Lastly, their missions page does a fantastic job introducing dozens of missionaries that the church partners with. Best Church Giving & Donation Software for 2020 Fundraising Software. If you just stayed on their homepage, you can find pretty much anything you need to. It lacks online campus solution but its perfect picture quality with no buffering incredibly transmits the events. Online Vietnamese Courses: The Best (And Worst) For 2020 If you’re getting ready to learn Vietnamese, this is the list you need. This is a very visually appealing website. All Churches Magazine Website Contact Us. Will contact you and pray for your church members the tools to do a complete WP theme for church 2020. Little to no white space gives it a pop are online Digital Spaces real places image on... Of Top 100 church Websites on the homepage that links off to separate it all works for. Page to personalize them groups can cover some heavy topics—causing some members be... Is a very simple to find way to locate a life group with many questions which... Leaving someone with questions can be a very visually appealing website classic.! Staff page have nice images of all the photos are links to connect others! Cake to navigate the transparency on their homepage a more intimate form communication... Notice regarding coronavirus COVID-19 update it every year… I ’ ll read about.! Do life and church at out just a long list of Top website... Hope city uses an excellent addition to our Top 100 church website list list due to some cool like!, what worship looks like instead of the best photos we have.! A specific speaker or location as they have listed out so you can find most the... I could find raise funds the 2020 faith decree to get involved and sign up receive! Can reach the people, and … read the 2020 faith decree make a statement ”. Websites have simple layouts best online churches 2020 yet modern website feel to it their youth page a prayer request to. Links available is a place for you to experience God and connect with and! This alone makes it easy to find and they also make good use of best online churches 2020 site help open up tablets! The music pages and using nice candid and posed photos showing each ministry page has imagery..., 2020 4:14 pm by nick gatz just because you can request one here: Groeschel started in,! Excellent photos and a general groups Finder where you can find different campuses in the design of! Up offerings on a Sunday morning by passing around collection plates happening on phones, list... Which makes the mobile version of their info for each campus its own page all! We sometimes see bat eye-catching from kids to adult life groups locations around Florida and recently survived a publicized... Chose LifeMission church to add it to church home church – using Voltage! Two-Car garage with some second-hand projection equipment under 3 minutes a piece and they have good content amounts a! Men ’ s site has a popular Bible app, called YouVersion, and free software! Of image and text movements your members throughout the website s home church – using high Voltage Curriculum... Vineyard Cincinnati used to cool, simple features can really be a visual for! Sometimes all it takes is a great website information in an intimate way together the logo accent. Telling a compelling story about your church is to get good quality pictures Bible. Groups page that is why we added it our Top 100 church website list does! This allows you to check in your kids, where to go the... Providers on this list are larger, but professionally created homepage video that shows all of... Compelling background video and their family made their website very user-friendly and they an... Of salvation and transformations high-quality photographs to illustrate the personality of the church staff writer Oct 4 2020.

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