For orders of 100 or more, click Add To Cart and then email with your custom product number. Paddle Leash - by NRS from $80.00. Free postage. You can choose the length, shape of the blade and shape of the grip. £149.00. Each paddle is made specific to the paddlers requirements the length of the paddle will depend on your paddling style if you are new to SUP paddling we can help you with choosing the right length get in touch. We deliver softwood/hardwood paddles made by skilled craftsmen. With a teardrop shape blade and ergonomic grip. Where you can’t use birch twigs as a Spanking paddle the timber from the trunk to produce some fine close-grained paddles. Taking a traditional material to the next stage. Paddle Keeper for Paddle Securely Stowed . £99.99 . Custom Work Payments; 0 items - £ 0.00; Paddles. All of our canoe & kayak paddles are 100% handcrafted and ready-made for water use, but can also serve as beautiful home art or decoration. Every paddle is handcrafted by Greg Fishell. The traditional, time-tested design, and the warm silky feel of the wood are unmatched. your own Pins on Pinterest. Contact 714-482-7493 Log in; or; Create account; Cart 0. Custom Kayak and Canoe Paddles. This punishment paddle has a cute little "Pussy" inset into the body of the paddle. A paddle used for school punishments made crudely out of what ever wood was available. Every wooden rowing oar is a perfect specimen. The blade is laminated at 10 degrees to the shaft aiding the catch of the paddle stroke. About; Shop; Contact; Gallery; About; Shop; Contact; Gallery; Paddles. Historical Artisan Paddles The is a custom handcrafted paddle and is offered in your choice of a canoe, or a historical paddle design. Paddling is a great way to explore rivers, lakes or the coast, glide along silently to get closer to nature or take on the waves for an adrenaline rush. Traditional Appalachian wooden paddle maker, for the discerning paddler, TO ORDER CONTACT: nuu paddle – Custom made Greenland paddles, from Cedar, Douglas-fir and meranti, finished with either oil or varnish. Dec 19, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Deppen Paddles. Custom shapes and sizes, whatever you want. 0 0 items. For use on long canoes trips, short trips around the lake, or even style paddling. Paddlesports Experts Est. Watch how these paddles are made by hand. Each of our paddles are custom made to suit each paddler based on paddling style and build, Sakura workshops SUP paddles are made with locally sourced cherry wood and ash laminated to create a strong and flexible paddle with striking colour contrasts. £13.00 postage. Discover (and save!) Wooden Paddle Oar with Counterbalance for Rescue Boats 210,225,240 cm. By Grey Owl, this laminated cherry paddle with pear grip is great for long flatwater paddles. Saved by Deppen Paddles. Discover (and save!) Corporations, Military units, Government agencies, Universities, and individuals turn to us to add their touch to our products. Three well spaced 1½in holes dissipate the air cushion between the skin and the paddle for a more intense impact. Choose one of my blades, or design your own. your own Pins on Pinterest .. Learn More. Designed and built for the classiest people on the water, helping you achieve that perfect line. Our paddles aren't just funtional...they are funtional art. Custom Engraving for our Oars and Paddles Shaw & Tenney paddles and oars are recognized in the marine industry as unparalleled for beauty, function, and craftsmanship. Dec 19, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Deppen Paddles. Pussy Paddle made from high quality heavy leather hide. Veneer, fiberglass and epoxy round out the finish strong, durable and repairable, Hey You! Wooden paddles also retain warmth, so that hands stay comfortable in cold conditions. KAYAK PADDLEs. Wooden Handmade Bodysurfing Handplanes and SUP/ Canoe Paddles. The handle had a wooden stiffener inside to give wonderful handling qualities. A paddle used for erotic play and stimulation can be made from wood, metal and leather. The stitching sits slightly below the surface of the leather in a groove. On the other hand, straps are more flexible, and get even more so with use. Click on the image for a larger and more detailed view. We've done paddles in many sizes and blades of several shapes and widths. We've done solid paddles constructed of a single piece of lumber, and we've done laminated paddles with over 20 different wood species. Choose one of my blades, or design your own. A spanking paddle is made of wood, plastic or leather. They both great blades and the handles for our fantastic BDSM paddles. 18ins x 2½ins You canoe, after all. Custom Table Tennis offers high quality products for all table tennis players at the best possible prices. They lift the canoeing experience to an even higher level. Collection in person. All of our paddles are made from two pieces of leather which are stitched together to give a minimum thickness of 15/64″. No steel bar down the center to wear in and eventually defeat the paddle's shape in use. Fritz hand selects beautifully figured and rare woods which are book-matched with an array of artistic patterns, curved stripes, marquetry or in-lay. The traditional shape complements our Sassafras canoes. A paddle used for a fraternity or sorority initiation. DETAILS. Paddlesports Experts Est. Buy Canoe Paddles Now at Canoe and Kayak Store. This durable paddle is designed for the young camper or novice paddler to develop all the basic canoeing skills. If you would like to simply modify the thickness or hole pattern of an existing Spanking paddle that is in stock, Then this is usually done for a nominal fee, if any. 105. Paddles are made to be firm and stay that way with continued use. Every JW spanking paddle we produce is one of a kind, we carefully select wood that is full of character and we do not use any stains, so each paddle has its own unique and natural color. They are custom made to fit without the need for nails. Our fine, handcrafted, carbon-fiber cored SUP, canoe, and kayak paddles are hand-built by Tim Deppen in Sanford, FL. Finished in matt black. Red or blue cat fitted into the slapper end of the paddle. Our handcrafted wooden canoe & kayak paddles can be crafted to your exact specifications and using your designs via our custom order services. See more ideas about canoe, canoe paddle, canoe and kayak. We have the best wood canoe paddles! Our superior wooden paddles are each crafted with hand-selected woods, fiberglass wrap, and a carbon-fiber core.With our shaft finger grips, our award-winning designs, and our passion for premium paddles, you'll fall in love with a Deppen Paddle. We start every BDSM spanking paddle with hand-selected premium wood from local suppliers. Bespoke Painted Wooden Kayak Paddle. Before you approve this design, make sure you approve of the colors shown and make note that in some cases the final print might … 54”, 57” & 60” lengths. High quality wooden SUP paddle V.I.P. Confirm. your own Pins on Pinterest. Badger® Paddles creates made-to-order premium solid wood canoe paddles in Muskoka, ON.Badger is a cottage-industry business owned and operated by partners Mike and Fiona, a husband and wife team. Discover (and save!) HANDCRAFTED . The dimensions of this new and original item are 11 1/2 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide or 29cm long by 6cm. or Best Offer. After this time they will be automatically removed. We offer two types of wood: Hardwood is handmade by expert wood craftsmen in Wisconsin. Dec 19, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Deppen Paddles. Designed and built for the classiest people on the water, helping you achieve that perfect line. Request a Price Match Request a Price Match Please fill in the form below. Our cored paddles have an inner support that is the full size of the paddle. Follow me on Instagram @shadetreepaddles. Designed for flat water canadian style paddling. Custom paddles will be available to checkout for 48 hours after adding to your cart. Gull Wooden Rowing Oars have developed special polyurethane OAR SLEEVES. The Haliburton Forest Paddle Shop manufactures your dream custom paddle from a variety of woods. - Spruce exotic and noble wood 185-205cm. Handcrafted in Blacksburg, VA. TO ORDER CONTACT: Custom spanking paddle quotes start at $40 and rates change, depending on the spanking paddle. Usually pine and with holes known as a Spencer Paddle. ARE YOU SURE? Search. Let your freak flag fly with a custom whitewater, tripping or guide stick. Delivery destination Currency. £15.95. Traditional Appalachian wooden paddle maker, for the discerning paddler. Wood transmits the feel of the water well, and it flexes slightly to absorb shock. Matt Black Spanking Paddle with Holes A regular sized wooden paddle. 2000 & Free Delivery £50+ Buy Canoe Paddles Now at Canoe and Kayak Store. OMA – One Moore Adventure – Established to provide an affordable gateway paddle (a “Cheap Stick”) for those interested in learning about the Greenland style. Paddles SUP Paddles & Canoe Paddles – Custom Wooden Handmade Paddling is a great way to explore rivers, lakes or the coast, glide along silently to get closer to nature or take on the waves for an adrenaline rush. 2000 & Free Delivery £50+ Select delivery and currency options. Hand Crafted Wooden Paddles Wood is by far the most popular material for canoe paddles, and it's becoming more and more popular for Kayak paddles as well. © 2021 Sakura Workshop | All Rights Reserved. CANOE PADDLES… Hazle, sycamore, yew, laburnum, are among some of the other timbers we use. Mar 13, 2019 - Explore Winnebago Paddles's board "Custom Canoe Paddles", followed by 548 people on Pinterest. Solid Hardwood spanking paddle,Slut Brat Kitten or Custom lettering available,Choice of Maple Beec… You're already a bit different. Never one to boast or brag, we’ve preferred to let our products speak for themselves — each meticulously designed to deliver years of enjoyment on the water, and equal admiration for their hand-crafted beauty when off. Since 1858, Shaw & Tenney has quietly made a name for itself as the leading maker of wooden oars, paddles, spars and boat hooks in the country. £10.00 postage. Menu Cart 0. £40.00 to £43.00. or Best Offer. KAYAK PADDLES. Get custom wooden paddles or engrave an oar and paddle online for gifting at Navy Paddles. Handcrafted wooden paddles In addition to our canoes we handshape a line of lightweight and strong laminated wooden paddles. Sizes from 5ft to 8ft 6″ (1.5m to 2.55m). Wooden  paddles feel warm and natural in your hand whilst looking good enough to hang on your wall. Wooden paddles feel warm and natural in your hand whilst looking good enough to hang on your wall.

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