Beast Wars Transformers S01 E24 Before the Storm. 2000 — Beast Wars: Transformers — DVD Box (Pioneer LDC) — English and Japanese audio. 1998 — Beast Wars — Warning from Space (Alliance Video) 1998 — Robots-Bêtes — Alert Dans L'Espace (Alliance Video) — French audio only. But by shooting down Waspinator, he makes himself a target of the transformation lock lens, a diabolical machine that Tarantulas has built. Tigatron detects a tipsy Waspinator and blasts the insect away easily. 5 photos. Without his blaster, Tigatron is ensnared in an energon web. On the planet's surface, Cheetor challenges his Maximal teammates to a race home. Trivia Quiz - Episode 11: The Probe Category: "Beast Wars" - Season 1 Quiz #294,213. Celebrating 25 years of Beast Wars! ", "Did we get our signal to the probe? As she's shot over the cliff side and falls, Blackarachnia's feet remain flat and parallel to the ground, clipping through her shins. Inside, the Maximals detect the probe and discover they need to beam a signal to it in order to be rescued. Beast Wars is the lead-off hitter for a … 1998 — Beast Wars / Robots-Bêtes Three pack (Alliance Video) — Available in English or French audio. Numerous temporal probes are launched from Cybertron, programmed to search through time for the missing Axalon. Tigatron observes a strange energy pulse in a distant mountain. Odd, since his left claw doesn't contain missiles, but his. Tigatron lands on his feet and catches Cheetor, saving him from a lava bath. The Maximals are all out in the open in their robot modes for quite a while- long enough for Cheetor and Tigatron to be taken to the, This is the first and only time we actually see Cybertron (outside of a dream in ", Dinobot's hesitation towards the idea of being rescued will resurface in ", Cheetor may know where the Predacon's CR Chamber is due to the events of ". ( Log Out /  Terrorsaur attacks the array, but the three Maximals scare off the flier in short order. Once inside, the four Maximals meet with Rhinox, who is trying to use the ship's scanners to detect something in space. A rebellion (and explosion) at the Predacon base seemingly leads to a Maximal victory. "Don't cats ever get tired of being stupid? I’m pretty sure it’s the last thing Tarantulas ever says in the series, too. This concept doesn’t really go anywhere, since obviously they don’t get off the island, but it’s a nice script technique at play: make viewers consider the complications of success so they aren’t bored by the unlikelihood of it. 1998 — Beast Wars / Robots-Bêtes Three pack (Alliance Video) — Available in English or French audio. Tarantulas introduces a locking lens, which can trap the Maximals in beast mode. While using his optic blasts against Terrorsaur, Dinobot's eyes do not glow green. On home video, the running order of this episode and ", Many (but not all) scenes with Blackarachnia were taken out for the Alliance Video VHS release of this episode, as her, When Tigatron and Cheetor are swinging the cages back and forth, Cheetor repeats, With this episode, the Predacons fully adopt the Maximals' habit of making noises whenever they fire their weapons; usually a noise related to their verbal tic (Scorponok says. On pliocenic Earth, the heroic Maximals and the evil Predacons battle for survival against each other and against a violent planet. ", "You're a Maximal now, and we'll see that you're treated as one." Eventually, the device fires a beam that hits Tigatron, trapping him in his beast mode. This makes the Maximals unable to finish their beacon to contact the probe. Cheetor mentions the probe to Megatron prompting the latter's assault on the array. The Maximals attempt to set up a detection system; Dinobot decides to beam a bomb. They quickly set out to build a radar dish device to send out a new signal that will reach the probe directly. In the future, the planet Cybertron belongs to the scientific-minded Maximals and the action-oriented Predacons! He prefers to sneak around unseen, in gutters or trenches or trash barges or what have you—whatever keeps him out of harm's way.

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